13 Days

Pick your curvaceous item now and indulge in ondulations and soft layers.

Enjoy the lightness of cost-free delivery for orders above 250 euro.


"13 days" made to order policy applies for items not in stock. 
For readily available items the standard dispatch time is 2 days.


Notice there is no basket/cart icon on our website. From the start we want to let you know that what follows your selection is a process of production, not just delivery. Your chosen item will be cut and sewn by an independent dressmaker or production facility. Once ready, we will pack it carefully and ship to you. This process takes approximately 13 days.

Delivery time reflects fair production cycle. Your order is crafted ON DEMAND, hence reducing waste and nurturing meaningful practices. In response to the crisis of overproduction in fashion we changed our strategy. It’s not about being fast, but rather about acting conscious all way long. Good things take time, so how about slowing down a bit?

We are a business and doing business always involves taking a risk. It’s Nature who bears the consequences. Let’s look at the waste generated in the process of production. Imagine tons of clothes that end up in landfill, because they lost all their value with the change of seasons. We don’t want to be part of that practice. We hold ourselves responsible for what we are doing and we demand change on the global scale. 

Instead of keeping warehouses full of unsold clothes we present garments on our website as blueprints to be replicated. This way, we hope to tackle the concept of novelty in fashion. Our collection does not change under the dictate of the market, rather it is shaped by customer’s demand and our own artistic judgement. When our ideas are mature enough to be implemented, they land on our website for you to browse through and enjoy. The time we were able to retrieve we put into making the clothes. I hope you will love them the way we do.