What's the story behind the name?

It’s a neologism based on Greek words από ρέει (greek. from flowing). This invented word embodies a transfer into a dimension that does not exist, thus opening up a field of possibilities. Nesting in the unfamiliar realm of the Greek language provides a sense of freedom. The meaning “from flowing” evokes both the motion of natural life and fashion that imitates it through the constant use of novelty. It also summons the shape of a curve which is at the very core of aporeei’s visual register.

How is it made?

Depending on the product category, some pieces are crafted from off-the-shelf certified organic fabrics* from European suppliers (Poland, Holland, Spain) and for others, we make use of locally sourced deadstock, vintage, and found materials.

Each garment is designed and manufactured in Poland. Wishing to celebrate the artisan aspect of dressmaking we collaborate with a small production facility in Western Poland and work with independent craftsmen supporting local talents. Offering fair wages, a safe work environment, and practicing open communication is key, therefore our operations remain at a scale allowing us to proudly practice slow fashion.

The fabric choice is aligned with the garment’s typology to uphold material and form adequacy. Waste is sometimes hard to avoid, yet we keep on learning and adapting our processes to match our deep belief in honest design.

*GOTS, Oeko-Tex