About us

Clothes and accessories without heavy identities.
Playfully skewed contemporary fashion.

Distorting what’s familiar in clothing, we like to test a distance between sophistication and cliché, and all that lies in between. From everyday classics to wearable quirks, our work spans two lines.

Main line consists of iconic coats, dresses and jackets owning their effortless allure to generous cuts and liquid lines. Repeated use of sinuous lines, curves and wavy shapes defines aporeei’s visual realm. Individual designs are made from end of stock fabrics adjusted to quantities available in each case.

Second line dubbed “something from something” consists of versatile up-cycled pieces. Starting from used tablecloths, end-of-cycle products and fabric scraps, we create garments whose design unveils repurposing process. In a system that no longer seems to satisfy the growing need for authenticity and transparency, it’s our goal to let the conscious process of production determine the outcome.

aporeei was founded by Beata Modrzynska in 2019 as a playground for creativity and entrepreneurship free from ethical compromises. Currently based between Warsaw and Geneva, Beata develops aporeei together with her partner. The duo is a vibrant example of a successful fusion between art and science, as Beata trained in fashion design while Nedko majored in computer science.



Every new day begins with clothing. Befriended and accompanied by clothes almost every moment, we like to explore how they project our mood, energy, and spirit.

Wanting to acclaim the importance of this companionship, we, at aporeei, make garments that playfully transmit you between the states of being in a dream and reality. It’s like a thread-thin interface between you and rest of the world.

Our vision is to create modern pieces that reflect an attitude of open mindedness and experimentally towards life. Encouraging fluidity in dressing, aporeei is far form fashion ideologies and style dogmas. In contrast, we applause difference, impede exclusion, and believe in style that flows freely with your personal evolution.

The bizarre, irregular shapes are in fact a cry for what is different, what is non-identical, what escapes or plays with the logic of the new. It is a reopening of a space for a new kind of aesthetics in design that is not obsessed with perfection, symmetry, clean lines or that is solely determined by trends. Curves and undulations implemented into clothing fit in the gap between traditional cuts and constructions that have an amateur appearance. Placed somewhere close to romantic nonchalance and avant-garde.